TIMM ceramics is run by Maud Timmermans. Maud is a designer and ceramist. She designs and makes relevant, sustainable, esthetical and practical products out of ceramics. She believes in the importance of a healthy relationship between a product and its user in which the user knows where the product comes from, how it is produced and what the real value of the product is. A production technique or the material itself is often the inspiration for her projects and products.

Maud studied product design at the Willem de Kooning Academy. During these studies she got very interested into crafts and mainly into ceramics. During her internship she worked for a design studio where she mainly worked with wood. During this internship she also got the chance to work on her own projects in a ceramics workshop. 

TIMM ceramics is based in Rotterdam, in a 18m2 workshop, equipped with everything a ceramist can dream of, great neighbors and an Erasmus bridge view.





03 - 2021 / 05 - 2021 Daily at Donner with a Tribute to Craftsmanship
12 - 2020 / 02 - 2021 Jordys Bakery Rotterdam with a Tribute to Craftsmanship
06 - 2018 Design District- Young Pioneers exhibition with On The Edge
07 - 2017 Graduation show Willem de Kooning Academy with On The Edge
06 - 2017 Design District - Young Pioneers exhibition with Fold
02 - 2017 Cor Unum Competition exhibition with Fold
12 - 2016 Minor New Frontiers exhibition Next Economy with Shorea
09 - 2014 Dutch Design Week exhibition Klasgenoten with Flamingo


02 - 2017 Fold Cor Unum design competition - 3rd place


01 - 03 - 2017 ELLE interieur - Dit is hét aanstormende designtalent van 2017
05 - 2017 KLEI keramiek magazine - Winnaars cor unum ontwerpwedstrijd

Education and experience

2019 - 2020 Glazing year, Nederlandse Keramiek Opleiding, Gouda, The Netherlands
2016 - 2017 Graduated at Willem de Kooning Academy; Product design, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2015 - 2016 Internship and job at Designtree, Wellington, New Zealand
2012 - 2015 Willem de Kooning Academy Product design, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2012 Oriëntation course art school, Roermond, The Netherlands
2006 - 2012 Pre-university education, VWO, BC Broekhin, Roermond, The Netherlands