On the Edge

Material: Earthenware

On The Edge is a translation of interconnection into a set of tableware. Connections are everywhere, but are not always visible or you don’t always feel them. This beautiful idea is what Maud communicates and visualizes with On The Edge. 
When you feel connected to something, you deal with this in a respectful and understanding way. You will be aware that your actions have effect on what you are connected with. 
The tableware is physically connected to each other. When the user moves one of the objects, this has a direct effect on the other objects. The user gets a reminder of connections every time he or she uses it. 
On The Edge consists of five different objects. This way the tableware leaves room for different dishes to be served and to be a functional product into a domestic environment or in a restaurant.

On The Edge was exhibited at the WDKA graduation (2017) show and at the Design District exhibition (2018).