Tribute to Craftsmanship

Material: Porcelain
Thrown on the wheel
Series of 50 cylinders and 20 bowls

Visible craftsmanship
Often you immediately see when something is made with the hands of a craftsman: with genuine attention and love for the material and product.
The world of ceramics is just like that: every pot or vase or other ceramic object is made by passionate craftsman like Maud.
Her skills and love for ceramics is visible and tangible.

Maud dedicates this project to the craft; it takes so many hours of practice and so many failures to master pottery.
This process normally stays inside the workshop, but according to Maud the hours of work and all the failures is what makes this craft so beautiful. With this project she wants to visualize this process and she did that with two series of thrown porcelain.

Two unique series
With this series this ‘invisible’ learning process becomes visible and tangible. She threw 50 cylinders and 20 bowls. Each of those was made with the same amount of porcelain; 400 grams. Each one was saved for the exhibition, even the ones that failed.
The cylinders were thrown with a 10cm diameter. When the series grew, the walls got thinner and therefore higher.
With the series of bowls Maud aimed to make as many similar shapes as possible. A handmade series might look easy, but it takes a lot of muscle memory and practice.
These series are a visual metaphor for the long road of learning and growing of each ceramic artist.

The cylinders and bowls are numbered and signed. They are for sale as sets of three so this way you can bring a piece of the learning process home or give a piece of the learning process away.

This project was previously exhibited at Jordys Bakery (Nieuwe Binnenweg, Rotterdam) and Daily at Donner (Coolsingel, Rotterdam) from December 2020 till April 2021.